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Chet 12 Light Sputnik ChandelierChet 12 Light Sputnik Chandelier
Uttermost Chet 12 Light Sputnik Chandelier
$789.80 $1,052.80
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Corona 10 Light Crystal (Clear) Chandelier in Chrome Finish 9802D22C/RC - vaasuandhomes
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Corona 36 Light Crystal (Clear) Chandelier in Chrome Finish 8949G36C/RC - vaasuandhomes
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Victoria 11 Light Crystal (Clear) Chandelier in Chrome Finish 8031D24C/RC - vaasuandhomes
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Cabaret Light Chandelier in Finish 2102D20C/RC - vaasuandhomes
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Dubois 8 Light ChandelierDubois 8 Light Chandelier
Uttermost Dubois 8 Light Chandelier
$1,355.20 $1,971.20
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Woodall 6 Light Drum ChandelierWoodall 6 Light Drum Chandelier
Uttermost Woodall 6 Light Drum Chandelier
$715 $1,040
In stock, 23 units
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Jarsdel 8 Light Industrial ChandelierJarsdel 8 Light Industrial Chandelier
Uttermost Jarsdel 8 Light Industrial Chandelier
$943.80 $1,372.80
In stock, 38 units
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Randers 6 Light ChandelierRanders 6 Light Chandelier
Uttermost Randers 6 Light Chandelier
$525.80 $764.80
In stock, 41 units
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Belenus 32 Light Crystal (Clear) Chandelier in Gold Finish ECA1G36G/RC - vaasuandhomes

Home Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can be one of the most important elements that unites the ambience and atmosphere of your home. Bright lights and well-lit rooms often make you feel awake and alert, whereas the opposite can often have a relaxing effect and even induce sleep. While everybody has different ideas of the ideal amount of lighting, it's generally accepted that you'll want rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom to be much brighter than your bedroom, for example.

Having appropriate lighting for every room in your home is essential. With the help of our guide you'll get a better idea of the type of home lighting fixtures that are best suited to different rooms, and before you know it, you'll be the envy of all your friends. Remember that every size and shape of room is different, and as such will require different lighting and different bulb luminosity.

Porch / Entry

More often than not, these spaces are the smallest areas of your home with the most limited amounts of floor space. As such, it's best to opt for wall and / or ceiling lighting instead of taking up valuable floor space. A hanging chandelier is a nice choice that adds a touch of class to any home.


Hallways often act as nothing but a means of getting between rooms. As such, it's appropriate to have minimal lighting. As long as the lighting you choose reaches both ends of the hallway, you should be fine with just a table lamp or wall sconce. Keeping the lighting bright can eliminate the challenge of getting your key in the door after a late night out.


There's a need for lots of light in the kitchen. From ambient lighting to light up the entire room to accent lighting to show off your favorite features. Don't forget that having task lighting that focuses on particular surfaces in your kitchen is extremely handy for when you're preparing meals.

Dining Room

Consider upgrading your ceiling fixture to a chandelier for a tasteful, traditional look in your dining room. A classic chandelier with exposed bulbs will ensure it provides adequate lighting to every corner. A line of wall lighting can provide gentle, more atmospheric lighting for when you're planning a romantic meal.

Living Room

As this is likely to be the room where your family spends most of their time, you shouldn't be afraid to utilize a variety of different lighting options. A bright ceiling fixture, floor lamps, and desk lamps provide your family with a number of lighting options to ensure there's something to satisfy all requirements.


The number one thing to consider when purchasing lighting for your bathroom is whether or not it's approved for bathroom use. Bright lighting is a must for bathrooms, as it can help you with a number of tasks such as shaving and cleaning.


Bedrooms are where we spend our time unwinding after a long day. As such, mellow background lighting is the best bet for bedrooms. Two lamps are enough to provide adequate background lighting. In the majority of rooms, this is best achieved by having one lamp either side of the bed, with one or two others if it's a particularly large room.